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100% Natural and High-Quality

Huta’s name is derived from the Huasa language, meaning to rest, relax, and recover. At Huta Essentials, we believe that the key to pure relaxation begins with inner health and wellness. 

Our Mission

Huta Essentials is a provider of 100% Natural CBD that promotes whole-being wellness.  All of our products are created with the intention of evoking deep spiritual, bodily and mental restoration by creating relaxation from the inside out. We strive to make everyday life more manageable and  blissful.

CBD has been used for wellness for thousands of years, and is a natural, plant-based compound found within hemp flowers. We sell Premium "Full Spectrum" CBD, which means it has all the terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids the plant has to offer, without the THC (intoxicating portion of the plant).

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Huta Essentials launched October 1, 2020! Stop into one of our dispensaries and shops located in Southeast Georgia to try out the "Bud Bar" and explore our large collection of CBD Essentials.